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Attorney at Law in Phoenix, Arizona

Michael Reeves, Attorney at Law is an experienced, dynamic, and trustworthy lawyer with an emphasis in the defense of criminal charges. Mr. Reeves has been providing comprehensive legal service to the Phoenix area since 1986. By working with our exceptionally talented team, our clients achieve remarkable results.

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Professional Experience.          Exceptional Results.

Michael S. Reeves is an experienced lawyer in a changing world. He is consistent, patient, and professional, giving each new case the attention it deserves. An integral part of his service is to work closely with his clients so that they can make the right decisions with respect to their legal needs.

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Learn How We Can Help You Today

Michael S. Reeves Attorney at Law is as experienced as he is knowledgeable. Since the firm’s founding in 1992, Mr. Reeves has accepted that the best way to help his clients’ unique legal challenges is to understand the clients’ life story. Read on to learn more about his practice areas, and call us today. Your case is important to us.



The Representation You Deserve

Michael S. Reeves can provide you the expert defense for any type of criminal accusation, whether in Federal, State or City courts in Arizona. Mr. Reeves is one the few Arizona lawyers with years of experience in all three court systems.
Courts around the State of Arizona regularly ask Mr. Reeves take on the most difficult of criminal cases.  He is a first chair qualified capital defense attorney, which means he is qualified to defend first degree murder cases in both State and Federal courts.  Only a handful of Arizona attorneys are qualified to handle these complex cases.   
By combining a fundamental understanding of the big picture with the complexity of daily life and experiences, he can provide proactive solutions to his clients. Mr. Reeves is involved in some of the most innovative, sophisticated, and complex legal cases in Phoenix.
Mr. Reeves understands that good people can make life choices that put them in bad positions.  He will work with you or your loved one to get through the bad times.

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Proven Success

Do you need a consultation on a legal matter? Mr. Reeves has a vast wealth of experience in a variety of areas of law.
In addition to Criminal law, Mr. Reeves has worked in civil litigation, accident cases, divorce, child custody, and a variety of other areas. Michael S. Reeves is ready to advise his clients on almost all of their legal needs. And when he is not versed in a legal matter, he will tell you so and make referrals to other lawyers in the Phoenix area.  Do not hesitate to call today for your consultation.



Over 30 Years of Experience

Michael Reeves has been practicing law in Arizona since 1986. He opened his own private practice in 1992. He has defended cases in courtrooms in every corner of the state from Apache County to Yuma County. 
In Maricopa County he defends death penalty murder cases, state and federal drug cases, robberies, assaults, sexual assault cases and all types of misdemeanor charges.  He has worked in every city court in Maricopa County and many others around the State. 
Clients can count on Mr. Reeves and his team of investigators, experts and mitigation specialists to work your case to your advantage. 
When we are involved in a case, we help our clients successfully resolve matters as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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"The personalized legal counsel I received from Michael S. Reeves, Attorney at Law was amazing. He made me feel confident in my case and was readily available for any questions I had. I would recommend his services time and time again."

Benjamin Kennedy

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From major cases to legal questions, we are here to help.

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